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Welcome to the CTS Survivor Herstory WikiaEdit

A fantastic Survivor fan fiction from Clubs That Suck, the subforum of Survivor Sucks.

Special thanks to Clubs That Suck forum user GameGuy ( in Old Inactive Subforum, in New Forum) for create the series. (Borneo to Amazon Episode 10) (Amazon Episode 11 onward)


""So I've been stewing on this idea for awhile, but I think it's especially appropriate with Second Chances currently airing. Some seasons of Survivor have amazing casts, but the boot orders can be a huge drag. I'm sure I'm not the only person in Clubs who's fantasized about what a season would be like if all the awful people left early and only the best, most interesting players remained toward the end. So my idea is this: why not go through each season and vote on the boot order? Basically, for each episode, I'll create a survey, and ask a few questions to help craft the episode, including a question asking you to pick two Survivors to be booted. After the surevey closes, I'll then create a bullet-pointed episode summary using the results of the survey. The boot will be decided by myself, however, it must be one of the two Survivors that got the most boot votes (this gives me a little bit of lee-way in terms of creating an interesting storyline). I'll also be keeping the bottom two a secret until the season ends, so it won't influence voting during the season.""""

--- GameGuy (October 3, 2015)

Also I would be greatly appreciated if everyone was able to contribute to this page like adding content. Thank you.

Season ChronologyEdit

Season Season Title Number of
Tribes Winner Player(s) of the Season
1 Borneo 16 Pagong
Arranga Tang
S1 richard
Richard Hatch
S1 susan
Susan Hawk
2 The Australian Outback 16 Kucha
Victoria Fillet
S2 jerri
Jerri Manthey
S2 kimmi
Kimmi Kappenberg
3 Africa 16 Boran
Hakuna Matata
S3 silas
Silas Gaither
S3 lindaS3 silas
Linda Spencer & Silas Gaither
4 Marquesas 16 Maraamu
S4 vecepia
Vecepia Towery
S4 neleh
Neleh Dennis
5 Thailand 16 Chuay Gahn
Sook Jai
Thai Trang
S5 robb
Robb Zbacnik
S5 penny
Penny Ramsey
6 The Amazon 16 Jaburu
S6 heidi
Heidi Strobel
S6 heidi
Heidi Strobel
7 Pearl Islands 16 Drake
S7 sandra
Sandra Diaz-Twine
S7 sandra
Sandra Diaz-Twine
8 All-Stars 18 Chapera
Mogo Mogo
Noree Egguh
S4 neleh
Neleh Dennis
S8 jerri
Jerri Manthey
9 Vanuatu 18 Lopevi
S9 lisa
Lisa Keiffer
S9 lisa
Lisa Keiffer
10 Palau 20 Koror
S10 katie
Katie Gallagher
S10 wanda
Wanda Shirk
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